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Key Stakeholder Interviews

Key Stakeholder Interviews pinpoint the different groups in your community and provide intensive, comprehensive information about how your community views your school district currently and its plans for the future of student learning in your community.

Bond and Levy Communications

From messaging and design to full production, edTactics can help you communicate why your district needs a bond or levy to pass for the future of the district.

Comprehensive Educational Reports

Comprehensive Educational Reports help guide a district’s superintendent, board, and community by providing a review of the district’s needs based on programs and student learning, not just increased capacity.

Effective Communication Strategies

You should communicate regularly with your community – not only when you need to pass a bond or levy. Build pride in your school district!

Campaign Timeline Schedules

edTactics will provide you with a step-by-step timeline from the beginning to the end of your campaign to help your district complete every action item to ensure success in your bond or levy campaign.

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