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Continuous Improvement with edTactics

Continuous Improvement is the idea that everything you and your organization’s leadership does is working toward a common goal – one of improving the services and products you provide to your customers.

No matter the type of your organization – nonprofit, business, education, or government – your organization’s leadership should always be developing and executing a plan to ensure Continuous Improvement for the future, helping to improve your offerings so your customers are informed and happy.

Here are three tips to ensuring Continuous Improvement at your organization:

  • Ask for feedback - edTacticsAsk for feedback.
    Reach out to your stakeholders and ask where they think your organization should be headed. Stakeholders include your customers, your constituents, your shareholders, your employees, and anyone else who might interact with your organization. There are many ways to receive feedback, but the most effective methods involve sitting down for one-on-one conversations with your stakeholders. We call these conversations Key Stakeholder Interviews, and we can arrange to interview your stakeholders for you so you can have an independent third-party speak with your stakeholders so they can feel comfortable saying exactly what they think.


  • Plan for the future - edTacticsPlan for the future.
    After you hear what your stakeholders want, sit down with your leadership and use the feedback to develop a strategic plan for Continuous Improvement to help guide your organization for the next 3-5 years or even longer.


  • Implement Change - edTacticsImplement change.
    The hardest part of planning for Continuous Improvement for organization can be sticking to the plan itself. Once you’ve created a plan, execute and implement the changes documented in the plan. The only way your organization can work toward Continuous Improvement is to implement the changes outlined in your plan.


Customer Testimonial

edTactics provides services to help your organization plan for Continuous Improvement. Recently, edTactics provided a variety of Community Outreach services to Grandview School District in Yakima, Washington. “edTactics reached out to our community by conducting Key Stakeholder Interviews and organizing a Community Open House for our community members to come review the results of the interviews and provide their own feedback,” explained Kevin Chase, Superintendent of Grandview School District. “The feedback we received was outstanding, and will be used by the district’s leadership and Board of Directors to help guide our schools for years to come.”


Let edTactics help you!Need help developing a plan for Continuous Improvement?

edTactics will help you identify and reach out to your stakeholders, plan for your organization’s future, and execute your plan. edTactics offers free consultations where our experts can discuss your organization and what you want for its future.

You can reach edTactics by calling us at (800) 983-8408, sending us an email, or learn more about us by following our Facebook ( or Twitter accounts (

edTactics will provide you with our professional experience and expertise so you can focus on planning the future for your schools that fits your students, your staff, and your community.


Art Edgerly & Eric Jacobson

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