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Communicate Effectively with your Audience

Communication should be a top priority for school districts and organizations of all sizes. When an organization communicates regularly, the audience will keep the organization’s ideals at the forefront of their minds.


Transparency is keyTip #1: Transparency is Key.
Believe it or not, your audience wants to know more about your organization. Even if they would never look at detailed financial records or background on board policy, your audience wants to know where they could find those materials. Make sure that you’re transparent with your audience – find out what they want to know and make those materials easily available.
Use new and traditional methods


Tip #2: Use new and traditional methods.
Social networking like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be methods in your organization’s communication toolkit. That being said, introducing new media doesn’t mean forgetting newsletters, postcards, weekly emails, or “traditional” methods of communication. The most effective communication plan combines new and traditional media to ensure your organization reaches your audience however and wherever they get their information.
Listen to your audience

Tip #3: Listen to your Audience.
Offer your audience a way to provide feedback. The best way to learn where your organization is working and where it can use improvement is by listening to your audience. Give an email address where your audience can send feedback or engage your audience with a survey. One of the most effective methods of getting true feedback from your audience is using Key Stakeholder Interviews. During the Key Stakeholder Interview Process, key individuals are identified in your audience including customers, community members, and employees who are then interviewed one-on-one, providing intensive, objective feedback about your organization.


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