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Every business and organization must pay close attention to what customers and constituents think of products, services, and plans for the future in order to succeed. When taxpayers money funds an organization such as a school district, port, or municipality, listening to feedback and using constituents’ insights to guide future plans becomes a paramount priority.

edTactics’ Key Stakeholder Interview Process provides comprehensive and in-depth feedback directly from your consumer bases’ most vital representatives that your leadership team can utilize to ensure the decisions you make for the future will result in your organization’s success.

What is the Key Stakeholder Interview Process?

What is the Key Stakeholder Interview Process?

Your key stakeholders aren’t just the people who love your organization unconditionally. edTactics helps you identify the different groups you serve which need representation. Next, edTactics’ helps your organization select the most important representatives – the stakeholders – from each group for in-depth interviews.

After identifying your stakeholders, the edTactics team holds face-to-face interviews with each stakeholder one-on-one, collecting honest, confidential, and valuable feedback about a wide variety of issues facing your organization. Their feedback is collated, analyzed, and provided to you in a comprehensive report including expert summary analysis as well as the interview feedback verbatim and word-for-word exactly as the stakeholders told the team.

How does the Key Stakeholder Interview process compare to surveys and group-think services?

How does the Key Stakeholder Interview process compare to surveys and group-think services?

You may not be aware of the most important issues facing your organization. Since your leadership team might not know these key priorities in advance, surveys and group-think services like ThoughtExchange cannot be designed to ask about the very factors determining your future success.

Surveys may provide a broad overview of respondents’ perspectives; however, they cannot provide the depth and specificity a face-to-face interview provides. Even open-ended survey questions and methodologies like ThoughtExchange cannot change on the fly if a respondent mentions a topic that should be investigated more thoroughly. Those topics may be gathered, but their importance is often overlooked.

On the other hand, the edTactics interviewing team’s decades of experience ensures deep dives into the key issues that matter most to your stakeholders meaning your organization’s plans for the future can reflect your constituents’ most-pressing desires. During interviews, stakeholders have as much (or as little) time as they need to thoroughly discuss their thoughts and concerns on each and every issue, unlike surveys or group-think services which might gloss over important items while spending too much time on topics the respondents don’t actually prioritize.

Better yet, the Key Stakeholder Interview Process shares the strengths of surveys and group-think services by ensuring complete confidentiality for respondents with stakeholders’ names and identifying characteristics removed from their answers. Anonymity ensures respondents rest assured providing candid, open, and honest feedback without fear of retribution or hurt feelings if feedback cuts to the heart of a particular issue.

How can your organization use a Key Stakeholder Interview Process?

How can your organization use a Key Stakeholder Interview Process?

The Key Stakeholder Interview Process provides feedback on every aspect of your organization. Just a few examples of how the process has helped past clients include:

  • Helping new superintendents learn detailed and current information about their constituents
  • Providing a data-driven foundation to design a roadmap for the future
  • Identifying organizations’ current and future strengths and weakness
  • Offering insight into employees’ thoughts and desires for the organization
  • Validating the community by involving them in the organization’s planning process
  • And, of course, providing priceless information to prepare bond and levy election campaigns

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