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Does your organization have a roadmap for the future? Do you know what your employees think of your organization? Can you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses both right now and into the future?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, your organization needs edTactics to conduct Key Stakeholder Interviews.


Plan for your organization's futureWhat are Key Stakeholder Interviews?

The Key Stakeholder Interview Process uses several steps that will help provide your organization identify and analyze what your core communities think of your organization currently and where it should head in the future.




Who are your key stakeholders?Who are your Key Stakeholders?

Key Stakeholders could be department managers, community members, or even customers; anyone who has a vested interest in your organization and its future plans. Your key stakeholders aren’t just the people who love your organization unconditionally; edTactics will help you identify four different groups of people that you will want represented in the interview process.






Why are Key Stakeholder Interviews better than online and paper-based surveys?Why are Key Stakeholder Interviews better than online and paper-based surveys?

By talking to your stakeholders face-to-face, your organization validates them. The Key Stakeholder Interview process reinforces how important it is for your organization to understand its current and future needs to your stakeholders. In addition, by hiring an independent, third party like edTactics, you rest assured that your key stakeholders will speak openly, candidly, and honestly without fear of retribution or hurt feelings. Your leadership will want to hear the truth provided in these interviews, no matter how painful it might be, as it will help you shape the future of your offerings.

Although paper-based and online surveys may offer a broad overview of what people think, they don’t provide the depth of specificity an interview can provide. Even open-ended survey questions can’t change on the fly if the respondent mentions a topic that should be investigated more thoroughly. Key Stakeholder Interviews allow the interviewee to talk in-depth about what matters to them with professional interviewers who know when to ask the hard questions.

Time and time again, edTactics hears from interviewees how much they appreciate and respect their organization for bringing in an independent company to conduct intensive interviews to provide quality and honest feedback.


Put the pieces together for your company's futureHow does the Key Stakeholder Process work?

  1. edTactics will help your organization brainstorm and identify a number of key stakeholders.
  2. Following identification, edTactics will conduct the one-on-one interviews with each interview taking approximately one to one-and-a-half hours.
  3. After completing the interviews, edTactics collates the qualitative data collected and provides you with a comprehensive and intensive analysis document containing trends, responses, and other points of interest.
  4. Your organization can use the valuable Key Stakeholder Analysis to plan for both the present and the future.


Let’s get started!

edTactics can help you get started on your way to learning more about your company and its future.

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