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Successful school boards, superintendents and leadership teams who genuinely care and can demonstrate their desire to “Listen and Learn” from their communities are trusted, well informed and successfully lead their schools.

Take a moment and answer these three simple questions:

  1. How well does your community know their schools’ academic programs and facilities?
  2. Does your school district have a comprehensive strategic plan that your patrons, business owners and community members can easily access and understand?
  3. Does your school district have a road map or guide to help lead the school district into the future without worrying about changes in board or superintendent positions?

The solution is to have a Comprehensive Educational Report for your school district.

What is a Comprehensive Educational Report?What is a Comprehensive Educational Report?

Conducting Key stakeholder interviews, facilitating focus groups and coaching citizens groups (such as citizens for schools or bond advisory teams) are three ways to involve your community in developing your district’s roadmap for the future. The Comprehensive Educational Report adds an extra dimension by providing your school district with a living document with plans for the next three to ten years.

Do you want to pass bonds and capital facility levies?Do you want to consistently pass bonds and capital facility levies?

Start planning early and well before communicating the needed tax dollars to support your bonds and levy campaigns to your community. Expecting communities to support millions of dollars for capital projects in your school district is not realistic without a carefully planned and communicated Comprehensive Educational Report. You will use the report to move your school district forward with the confidence from your community.

Face time is the best time.Don’t forget that face-time is the best time.

On-line surveys may help provide a general feel for community perception, but face-to-face interviews explore core belief and demonstrate the district’s interest in more personal feedback from stakeholders. Time and time again, business leaders, school employees, parents and students want the autonomy to share their opinions, perspectives and beliefs of their school districts through third-party, non-biased professionals without fear of retribution or commentary from employees or others directly related to the district.

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