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Are you ready for a successful transition?Spring is the time of the school year when superintendents make job changes, moving from one district to another. Are you ready to bring a new superintendent into your school district?

Regardless of the years under your new superintendent’s belt, a transition is taking place and every superintendent deserves the opportunity to know how their community perceives the current and future status of their new district in terms of academic and extra-curricular programs; the district’s facilities; and the district personnel’s strengths and challenges.




What about Superintendent Search Firms?What about Superintendent Search Firms?

Superintendent search committees and companies may find the right person to come into a school district, however, how well does the superintendent actually know the community, the schools and staff after he or she is hired? What economic factors are impacting your community and school district? What community factors are impacting your school district?




Who are your key stakeholders?What’s the current state of your community?

Boards of Directors and Superintendents need to be clear about expectations from the community. The process of hiring a new superintendent presents an incredible opportunity for district’s to conduct key stakeholder interviews and take the temperature of the community; what is the community’s perception of the current state of the district? Also, where does the community want the district to head in the future?


Coaching leads to successCoaching leads to Success

In addition, you may want to offer professional coaching support for your new superintendent which offers the added benefit of revitalizing the teamwork that happens between a superintendent and the board of directors.




Let’s get started!

edTactics has the expertise and experience to help superintendents and school boards experience a healthy transition ensuring success for your new superintendent, your school board, and your school district.

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