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Whether your school district intends to introduce early childhood programs, all-day kindergarten, tutoring services, educational partnerships, or intending to run a bond or levy measure, patience is a virtue when planning any school initiative.


Take your community’s temperature

How often do you reach out to your community to find out what they truly think of your district? Reaching out to community members for their opinion on a regular basis, particularly when you have nothing planned, is a great way to know what your community thinks of your school district, its programs, and its facilities.





Use community feedback to guide school district planning

Once you’ve heard what your community thinks, use their feedback to help with both short- and long-term planning. If you incorporate ideas from the community into your district’s plans, you increase the likelihood of getting the entire community on-board with your ideas.





How do you reach out to your community?

edTactics provides methods for both quantitative (i.e. surveys) and qualitative (i.e. Key Stakeholder Interviews) feedback from community. Using a combination approach of both methods will yield the best results as your district will be able to analyze the results from each approach and learn what your community really thinks.




edTactics is professional, practical, and affordable

edTactics has the experience your school district needs to help you every step along the way from assessing your community’s current perceptions to introducing your new initiative or measure. In addition, edTactics’ services are affordable, typically costing less than what it costs to put a measure on a ballot.



Coaching leads to success

Your next step? Contact edTactics!

edTactics can help support your school district! We encourage you to contact us via phone or email and learn more by visiting our Facebook or Twitter accounts. edTactics will provide you with our experience, expertise, and successful services so you can focus on what matters – student learning.


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