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Teachers and Educators – Thank you for your hard work this year! Let edTactics help you reflect, plan and rejuvenate for the next year!

edTactics wants to take a moment to thank all teachers, administrators, and support staff for your hard work over the course of this past school year. We hope over the upcoming summer weeks you will be able to find some time to rest and get rejuvenated for the start of another exciting new school year.

Plan for success! - edTactics

Rejuvenate and Reflect

Having the opportunity to reflect on your practice and identify continuous improvement strategies to meet the diverse needs of all your students is of paramount importance and should be a top priority for all educators and business professionals.

Take time to reflect on and improve your practices – something we do all year long at edTactics. In fact, please take a minute to fill out our short survey to help us know how we can provide the support you need:

edTactics can help with Back to School planning!

edTactics can help with Back to School planning!

edTactics helps school districts implement and execute Community-Based Program and Facility Advisory Teams using our proven Continuous Improvement Model for Community Outreach, and edTactics has a perfect record.

That’s right. Every school district who used edTactics to help create their plans with effective community outreach passed their bond or levy measure.

edTactics specializes in comprehensive Continuous Improvement for every aspect of school districts including Community Outreach, Facility Planning, Leadership Coaching, and Strategic Communications.

We would love to hear from you about your district’s needs and help you guide your schools to success! Feel free to give us a call at (360) 566-7616 to discuss the services you’re seeking with one of our free consultations! If you prefer, you can also reach out via email.

Have ideas for other ways we can help you?  We love hearing our clients’ and potential customers’ feedback about our services! Take our short survey to let us know how we can better serve you:

edTactics will provide you with our professional experience and expertise so you can focus on your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Art Edgerly & Eric Jacobson

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