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Passing successful bond and levy measures isn’t rocket science, but many school districts, municipalities, and other organizations fail their measures. Why?

In the overwhelming majority of failed measures, the failure resulted from a lack of planning and a lack of genuine community outreach.

edTactics has developed three steps school districts and public agencies can use to pass their next bond or levy.

edTactics will help you pass your bond or levy measure
Step 1: Contact edTactics for a free consultation

Before you get started, why not call edTactics for a free consultation to establish what your district needs to be successful in passing its measure? Every school and government employee is already incredibly busy. With the amount of work and planning required to pass a bond or levy, your organization likely doesn’t have the manpower to effectively accomplish your goals. Get help!

edTactics helps school districts implement and execute Community-Based Program and Facility Advisory Teams using our proven Continuous Improvement Model for Community Outreach, and edTactics has a perfect record.

That’s right. Every school district who used edTactics to plan and implement their community outreach passed their bond or levy measure.

Don’t wait. Call or email us today for a no-obligation free consultation so we can help you achieve the success your district deserves.

edTactics will develop a strategic plan and timeline for your bond or levyStep 2: Develop a strategic plan and timeline

edTactics will work with your district to develop a strategic plan to successfully pass your initiative including a step-by-step timeline providing tasks and responsibilities for each stage of measure proposal and passage.

Instead of guessing what to do next to achieve success, your organization can rely on a foundation of guideposts to ensure you’re doing exactly what you need to do to pass your measure.

edTactics will facilitate an advisory team for your school district or organizationStep 3: Facilitate a Community-Based Advisory Team

Community Outreach is about much more than holding public meetings where stakeholders can review the decisions you’ve already made. Community Outreach means bringing in your community to help make the decisions.

edTactics will help you pass your bond or levy on the first attempt by facilitating an advisory team made up of community stakeholders and organization employees so you can be assured the decisions your leadership team are making are the ones your community will support.


edTactics facilitates Community Outreach and Continuous Improvement for School Districts in Washington and Oregon

Get in touch with edTactics today!

edTactics specializes in comprehensive Continuous Improvement for every aspect of school districts including Community Outreach, Facility Planning, Leadership Coaching, and Strategic Communications. We would love to hear from you about your district’s needs and help you guide your schools to success!

Feel free to give us a call at (360) 566-7616 to discuss the services you’re seeking with one of our free consultations! If you prefer, you can also reach out to us via email.

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edTactics will provide you with our professional experience and expertise so your organization can achieve the success it deserves.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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