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Whenever we provide community outreach, communications, and program/facility planning services to school districts, our clients ask if we know of companies offering other needed services which live up to the exceptional level of quality and professionalism edTactics strives to provide. We never had an answer, until now…

edTactics is proud to announce we now know of a company offering a wider range of the services school districts need – us!

We have added experienced associates in order to expand our service offerings to include:

  • Board and Superintendent Leadership Development: edTactics offers a comprehensive program to meet the specific needs of a Board and Superintendent team looking to establish strong, effective leadership practices. More than a simple seminar or class, edTactics’ associates work with your Board of Directors and Superintendent to implement permanent improvements to your team’s practices.
    • Is your district hiring a Superintendent or changing Board Directors?
    • Do you and your team need to revisit roles in leadership?
    • Are you looking to refresh your existing practices and working behaviors?
  • Program Reviews and Coaching in Career Technical Education (CTE): edTactics offers on-going Strategic Planning focusing on meeting academic and career opportunities for students in the 21st century.
    • Are you preparing students for all future careers?
    • Does your district offer and address the needs of all students – those considering entering work immediately following graduation along with those planning to attend higher education?
  • School Safety and Security Consulting and Reviews: edTactics offers a comprehensive Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program that will improve student, staff and school safety throughout your district.
    • What safety measures are needed on your campuses?
    • Are all your district’s campuses prepared for any possible security incident?
    • When was the last time your district reviewed safety and security at each school?

edTactics will facilitate an advisory team for your school district or organization

edTactics knows school districts because we come from school districts.

Our success at edTactics stems from our associates’ professional experience working as school employees. We know the ins and outs of school operations because we’ve been there, just like you.

Many companies claim to offer services school districts need, however far too often these companies fall short as they have little to no experience working with and for schools. These companies try to apply practices taken from other industries that aren’t necessarily compatible in the education field and these companies fail to provide the quality you need and deserve.

edTactics associates are seasoned professionals with decades of experience providing the exact services we offer to school districts throughout Washington. Our associates honed their skills working as school employees before working with us.

edTactics associates know their craft and know exactly what to do to help your district achieve success for every project.

Your school district deserves the best. You deserve edTactics.

Your school district deserves the best. You deserve edTactics.

Our associates are conveniently located throughout the state and stand ready to provide the services your school district needs and desires. Let our associates share their years of experience with you to ensure you succeed the first time, every time.

Call or email edTactics today for a free consultation!

Call us at (360) 566-7616 to discuss both your district’s present and future needs with one of our free consultations! If you prefer, you can also reach out to us via email.

edTactics provides the professional experience and expertise your organization needs to achieve the success it deserves.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Art Edgerly & Eric Jacobson

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